Pharmaceutical Labelling Machine

We provide the best quality solution related to the Pharmaceutical Labelling Machine in India. These labelling machine provided by us can be used for partial wrapping or full wrapping on different size of the containers. And, the machine provided by us can easily wrap from 100 to 300 bottles per minute depending upon the size of product & label.

These machine has the sensor which can sense the product & than the label is released from the label roll. And, after which the labelled product are passed through the stationary rubber pad & a rubber pressing belt which provide assurance that label is fixed at proper place.

The entire labelling machine possess features like- simple operation, less maintenance, easy customization, easy controller, affordable price, smooth surface finish, etc. The HTE is the leading Pharmaceutical Labelling Machine suppliers in Gujarat, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, etc.

Our Range

Our company provide the wide range of the Pharmaceutical Labelling Machine which can be selected as per your requirement.

  • Universal Combo Labeller for Vial/ Cartridge/ Ampoule

It has an output capacity of 120 objects per minute with on line printer

  • Bottle Labeller / Linear Vial Labeller (for cylindrical shape object)

It has the output capacity of 300 objects per minute

It also has the online scanner & rejection facility

  • Front & Back Labeller for Two Side Labelling

It has the output capacity of 200 objects per minute

  • Standard Labeller for Cylindrical Shape Container

It has the output capacity of 200 objects per minute

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